Light and Sound Discovery Centre
Program details

3D and Stereoscopic Images
60 minutes presentation and activities
$8.00 per student

Suitable for Science and Media classes.

Year 5 to Year 12


This program begins with a presentation,  consisting of
  • an introduction to stereoscopic images,
  • activities involving binocular vision,
  • demonstration of how to take 3D photographs,
  • demonstration of how to make 3D images on a computer, and
  • demonstrations of the various ways to view stereoscopic images.

Then the students will make a working model of an 1850s Brewster Stereoscope (to keep), and learn how to take a genuine 3D photograph to view in their own Brewster Stereoscope.

This is followed by hands-on activities that involve using many different antique stereoscopes (1880 cabinet Stereoscope, 1890 Stereographoscope, 1910 Holmes-Bates Stereoscopes, 1970 Autostereoscope, etc.) and viewing many old and modern 3D images.
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