Richard Edward Rennie was married to Lucy Katherine Cleary on February 25 1914, at Hill View, north of Moora in Western Australia by the Reverend F.W. Gunning. She was older than Richard by at least 4 years.

Lucy was the daughter of Peter Cleary and Maria Moore. Her age on her marriage certificate was recorded as 26 years indicating she was born in c1887. 

However, a handwritten entry in a book titled Picturesque Ireland, presented to Peter Cleary in 1889 by his mother, states that Lucy was 21 years old on March 19 1904, indicating that she was born in 1883. This would make her 8 years older than Richard.

Lucy and Richard Rennie had five children.

  • Richard Edward Rennie
  • Lucy Marie Rennie
  • Thomas Valentine Rennie
  • Edna Helen Rennie
  • Roma Pearl Rennie

Lucy Katherine Cleary portrait taken in Melbourne.

Lucy had a younger brother Patrick Cleary who was born c1881. A photograph of Maria Cleary with her two children suggests there is less than three years difference between the ages of Patrick and Lucy, and that 1883 is the more likely birth date.

Peter and Maria also had a foster child Tom Hughes.

The Cleary family lived in Victoria. In 1904, and on Lucy's 21st birthday they had lived in 81 Haglan Street Port Melbourne. Peter's occupation was a labourer.

Maria Cleary and the Cleary residence, Melbourne

Maria Cleary with Lucy (left) and Patrick

The death notice for Maria Cleary indicates she died (in Melbourne) on December 6, 1904 aged 46 years (and was thus was born in about 1858). 

On the back of a photograph of Patrick, the Cleary grave numbers are recorded as 286-287, Melbourne Carlton.



Tom Hughs was the foster child of Maria and Peter Cleary.

Little is known about Tom's early years. His parents passed away when he was a small child.

In his early teens he boarded Marie and Peter Cleary, and they reared him as one of their own.

Tom Hughs and his wife Marie Maqualene Hogan (known as Minnie) lived most of their married life in Coburg, Victoria. 

They had two children Mary Hughs and Joan Hughs.

Mary Hughs married and became Mary Rolls. She had four children, two boys and two girls.

Joan Hughs married Cliff Ould and had three children, two boys and one girl.

Tom Hughs

Patrick Cleary married and his wife's name was Georgina (death notice). A photogrpah exists of Patrick and his wife along with a child, thought to be has daughter.

Lucy's brother Patrick Cleary died on July 11 1912. The death notice in the newspaper states his age was 31 years 5 months, indicating he was born in about February 1881.  He was buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery (death notice)

Patrick Cleary, Lucy's younger brother 

By 1926 Lucy Katherine Rennie was in ill health and in the Moora Hospital.  Because of this the farming property which was run by her husband Richard was sold by auction and the family moved to Goomalling.  Lucy died on December 3 1926 and was buried in the Anglican Cemetery Goomalling 

Richard Edward Rennie's mother Sarah had moved to Moora to help look after her grandchildren whilst Lucy was ill. 

After Lucy's death the children were looked after, for a time, by their grandparents, Richard and Sarah, in Fremantle.

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Lucy Rennie on farm at Dalaroo, Moora