Eleanor Valentine Rennie was born on March 5 1898 at Lilly Street Beaconsfield near Fremantle (Fremantle Birth Registration 369/1898).  She was the fourth child of Richard and Sarah Rennie, and the first of their children to be born in Western Australia.

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Once again the name Valentine comes from James Valentine, the name of the second husband of her grandmother Elizabeth Brown; her grandfather Richard Brown having died in 1873.  However Eleanor Valentine was always known as Nellie, after her Aunty Nellie Valentine - daughter of James and Elizabeth Valentine.

Eleanor Valentine Rennie c1902

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When, as a child, she visited Victoria with her parents they would always stay with Grandma Valentine in Ligar Street Ballarat.  They would then go down to Buninyong (some 12 miles away) and stay a little while with her Grandpa and Grandma Rennie.  She attended Church of England School for Girls in High Street - Girton College (as did her sisters Lucy and Mona).

Eleanore Valentine Rennie c1905

Nellie Rennie married Oliver David Rees, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Oliver Rees Senior, in Wyndham on August 5, 1922 .  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Gribble of the Forrest River Mission.  Oliver was a baker, once working at Rottnest Island. Lucy went to Wyndham (by ship at the time) and was one of the bridesmaids.

Subsequently the Rees operated a news agency in Hay Street Subiaco.

In 1940 Oliver joined the army and served in the Middle East, later, in 1944, being discharged from the forces with health (back) problems.

Mr and Mrs Oliver Rees Senior had later operated the Crystal Hostel in Hay Street (which incorporated the Crystal Tea-rooms). These were sold, in 1944, to their son Oliver David and Nellie Rees.

Oliver David and Nellie Rees had two children.

  • Oliver Valentine Rees 
  • Wyvern Rees

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Eleanor Valentine Rees had been an important link with the early members of the Rennie family, and has provided invaluable assistance in the gathering of information for the production of this document on the Rennie family.

Nellie Rees' husband Oliver died in 1977

After living for many years in Nedlands, Nellie died in 1997 aged 99 years.

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Eleanor Valentine Rees (nee Rennie)