Light and Sound Discovery Centre
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Sound and Hearing
50 minutes presentation
$8.00 per student

Suitable for Science and Health classes

Year 4 to Year 9

Zip o Phone

The Science of sound, vibrations, and our hearing:

The source of sounds (vibrations) and frequency of sounds are demonstrated with singing metal rods, loud speakers, and rare musical instruments.

The range of frequencies that humans can hear is demonstrated using an audio signal generator.

The importance of ear plugs is illustrated by the use of a fog horn and a decibel meter to measure loudness.

How the ear works is explained and care of our ears is discussed.

The program includes a demonstration of a range of rare, antique hearing aids.

Hands-on activities include playing the Theremin, using tuning forks, 'blowfly paper', and lots more.


Make a Zip-o-Phone (talking card device) to keep.

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