Australian Science Curriculum
A Suggestion for an Alternative Australian Science Curriculum (a sample)

Sample K-12 Light Curriculum
Sample K-12 Electricity Curriculum
Sample K-12 Matter (including Atomic Structure) Curriculum
Sample K-12 Biology Curriculum
Sample K-12 Chemistry Curriculum
Sample K-12 Earth Science Curriculum
Sample K-12 Mechanics Curriculum
Sample K-12 Sound Curriculum


This suggestion for a new Australian Science Curriculum describes what the students should
learn, rather than what the teacher must teach.

By describing a sequence of science learning and science understandings that all students must achieve, rather than a year-by-year fixed content that must be taught in that year, this alternative to the National Science Curriculum:
  • allows the less able students to progress at a rate commensurate with their ability, and
  • allows the more able students to progress ahead at a rate that is more suited to their ability.
It also allows the teachers
  • to have the flexibility to get the best out of each individual student, and
  • to adapt their lessons to suit current themes and issues.