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History of Communication Technology
30 minutes presentation followed by 30 minutes of activities
$4.00 per student (includes consumables)

Presentation, Demonstrations and Activities designed for Inspiration.

Suitable for Year 2 History classes doing the National History Curriculum, as well as Science Classes Year 2 to Year 7.

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Demonstrations of Communication Technology:

  • Learn about communication by voice, paper, slate, semaphore, Morse code, signal lamps, typewriter, early telephone, early wireless, mechanical television, etc. Also early hearing aids.

Hands on Activities include:

  • Sending and receiving a message by Morse code
  • Using a signal lamp
  • Seeing your voice wave pattern
  • Using a mechanical typewriter
  • Writing with real lead
  • Mirror writing
  • Using real dial telephones to talk to each other
  • AND the famous Invisible Box.

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