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The Great, Historic 
Aluminium Record Project

A project aimed at preserving on Compact Disc, recordings made by Phonographs Limited in the 1930’s, before they deteriorate.

In the late 1920s and early 1930s Phonographs Limited in Perth offered a service where people could have recordings made on aluminium records.

Unfortunately these discs deteriorate with age.

Owners of aluminium records made by Phonographs Limited are invited to join in this important project.

Telephone Richard Rennie 08 9330 1636

The project is being undertaken by the 
Light and Sound Discovery Centre

Helping to preserve our technological history

Aluminium record
Research continues to be carried out following the publication of the book:

Encyclopedia of Western Australian Wirelesses and Gramophones 

There were many different brands of wirelesses and gramophones manufactured in Western Australia. Most were made in the 1920's and 1930's; however some companies continued manufacturing into the 1950's.

Very little documentation concerning many of the companies remains. In most cases information about what models were manufactured and when they were made is not available.

Research for the book is ongoing, and involves interviewing people who worked for these companies, gathering information from collectors and delving into archives such as those in the Battye library and Trove.

Wirelesses and gramophones about which information is being sought include:

  • Westralian Farmer's Mulgaphone
  • Billy Edwards Music Co.'s Edmac Gramophone 
  • C.S.Baty's Batyphone
  • Morris Brothers' Humanphone
  • Half Price Radio's Radiotone
  • The Austral Stores
  • A. Pidgeon's Bronze Wing Radio
  • Buhler's Salonola gramophone
  • Craig & Co.'s Radios
  • A.W. Dobbie's Dobbico Radios
  • R.M. Fone Stores
  • Triumph Radios (sold through Sandovers)
  • Phantom Radios Tambellup
  • S.T.R Radios
  • Vox Adeon Radios
  • Western Electronics' Airporte radios
  • HVS Radios Bunbury
  • Star Radios Pingelly
  • and others. 
    Information about any of the about companies would be very much appreciated. Please telephone 08 9330 1636.

     The Encyclopedia of Western Australia Wirelesses and Gramophones is available from the author Richard Rennie. Phone 08 9330 1636.  $65 posted in Australia.

Mulgaphone c1925

Book Front
The Museum of Early Western Australian Recorded Sound.

This is a web museum dedicated to the digital preservation of uniques (one-off) recordings of Western Australian persons and music.

It can be accessed at:

Governor Speaks
Study Programs

The facilities of the Light and Sound Discovery Centre are available to Masters and PHD students for research purposes. Technical and historical assistance is provided.

Research projects suitable for History, Media, Music and Technology students can be developed. Some projects may be specially relevant to Western Australia. The Light and Sound Discovery Centre will provide a unique centre for original historical and technological research in Western Australia.

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