Light and Sound Discovery Centre
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Fun with Light
 30 minutes presentation
40 minutes of amazing hands-on activities
$8.00 per student

Suitable for Year Five of the National Science Curriculum

Light globe

Fun with Light

Light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted.
See some light demonstrations.

Then hands-on activities:
1.  Draw a picture in a Cylindrical Mirror
2.  See the Mirror with a Memory
3.  Touch the ghostly image in the Mirascope
4.  Hold hands with yourself at the large concave mirror.
5. Have a go at some Mirror Writing
6. Send a message with the Mirror Ray (signal lamp)
7.  Play a game of Laser Tennis.
8.  Have a go at the STAR Mirror Challenge
9.  See at the Mirror Movie Record
10.  Look at your face in the Funny Mirrors
11.  See a virtual light globe
12.  Small world in a Convex mirror
13.  Spin the Laser Discette
14.  Look at some 3D images with a Wheatstone Mirror Stereoscope
15. Try your finger in the Famous Invisible box
16. Look at your hand in the Infinity Mirror
17. Look at a 3D Images with a Mirror
18. and more.

Make a Kaleidoscope
Make a Periscope.

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