Light and Sound Discovery Centre
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Light and Sound For Year 1
40 - 50 minutes presentation with activities
$5.00 per student (includes consumables)

Presentation, Demonstrations and Activities designed for Inspiration.

Suitable for Year 1 Science classes doing the National Science Curriculum.

CRO wave image       Listening
Demonstration and activities based on Light and Sound; Sight and Hearing.

The Sound program includes:
  • different ways of producing sound (including singing metal rods)
  • sounds made by musical instruments (including jews harp, nose flute, musical saw, theremin, etc.)
  • frequency and pitch, and range of hearing (with demonstration)
  • Loudness and care of ears (fog horn and use of ear plugs)
  • demonstrations of antique hearing aids
  • wave patterns of the human voice
  • feeling loudspeakers, tuning forks, the Zube Tube, and spectacular Chladni plates,.
The Light program covers
  • our eyes detect light (binocular vision, etc.)
  • how we see things
  • sources of light - natural and artificial
  • colour blindness and colour after images
  • colour activities (chromatography, Benhams disc, etc.)
  • the famous Invisible Box

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