Light and Sound Discovery Centre
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Science for Little Bundles of Energy

Hands-on light and sound activities and demonstrations for pre-school children, and their parents or grand parents.

One hour
$5.00 per child.

Suitable for Pre-school children

Dancing Children

This special program includes demonstrations and hands-on activities for pre-school children, and their parents or grandparents.

Things they can hear include:
  • Different ways of producing sound (including amazing singing metal rods)
  • An antique music box,
  • Sounds made by rare musical instruments (including jews harp, nose flute, musical saw, Stroh viol, etc.)
  • Music made by waving your hands about in the air (the Theremin).
  • Loudness and care of ears (fog horn and use of ear plugs)
  • Demonstration of antique hearing aids
  • Fun with loudspeakers, tuning forks, and the Zube Tube.

Things they can look at include
  • How our eyes detect light (binocular vision, blind spot, etc.)
  • Amazing colour after-images
  • Shadow puppets
  • Moving pictures in a Zoetrope and a real Mutoscope
  • Beautiful images in a Kaleidoscope,
  • 3D pictures in a Stereoscope,
  • A periscope; and look into an infinity mirror
  • Try the mirror writing challenge
  • and the Famous Invisible Box

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