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Seniors Programs        

The Light and Sound Discovery Centre can provide special programs for senior citizens groups. We will visit your premises.

These programs, which are based on history and nostalgia themes, will be presented with an entertaining format. The visitors will be able to choose the type of program they wish to experience, and they can have some input into the content of these programs. For example musical requests can be made.

The programs may include:

1.   The Tale of the Talking machine:
The history of sound recording, with actual demonstrations of some of the oldest and most unusual record players in Western Australia.

2.  Invention of the Motion Pictures:
The story of the invention of motion pictures, with demonstrations of early instruments such as the Zootrope, Phenakistoscope, and Praxinoscope. Experience a magic lantern slide show and a silent movie.

3.  Professor Archibald's Fantastic Phonograph:
The story of the first Edison Phonograph to be brought into Western Australia, and the controversy it caused.

4.  The Role of the Gramophone in First World War.
Hear stories and sounds of the Great War as recorded on original 78s. Hear them played on original gramophones.

5.  Mysterious Musical Instruments
See and hear some amazing, old and rare musical instruments. Find out how they work and why they were invented. Also see some antique hearing aids.

6.  G.P. Stevens
and the First Radio Experiments in Western Australia (1899).

7.  Sounds Like Heritage
Hear the stories behind some rare unique recordings of WA voices and music from the past (1892 - 1962), and learn how the recordings were made; and what must be done to preserve them.

8.  Royalty on Records (The Real King’s Speech)
Hear the real voices of the Kings and Queens of Australia, from Victoria to Elizabeth II. See and listen to rare gramophone records released by the royal family over the past 100 years.  This presentation is held in conjunction with an exhibition of pictures and memorabilia.

For other programs see our list of Education Programs

Pensioner clubs will be specially catered for.

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