Fremantle Light and Sound Discovery Centre
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Then and Now
60 minutes presentation with hands-on activities.
$4.00 per student

Year 2 to Year 7

Light globe   Horn radio   Typewriter    Music box
Hear a 1905 Edison Phonograph play music
Hear a 1925 disc gramophone
See a range of antique hearing aids
See genuine Edison carbon filament light globes
Hear a 1928 horn wireless (radio)

Talk to another student on a 1950 dial telephone
Send and receive a message using 1890 Morse code keys
Play electronic music on a 1930 Theremin
Compare a digital camera with a 1950 box camera
Play a record on a 1960 children’s record player
Play tape music on a 1965 Walkman
See a moving picture on a 1910 Mutoscope
Type a message on a 1940 mechanical typewriter
Write a message with a 1930 dip pen and ink
Play a game of 1990 Laser Tennis
See moving pictures on an 1850 Zoetrope
Virtual Reality from 1890
Pong - the original 1970s computer game.

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