Edison's Phonograph - Exhibition

Open from October 2 until December 10.
Marking the 130th anniversary of the invention of the talking machine.

Tin Foil Phonograph

Tin Foil Phonograph c1880

Public talks and demonstrations

Edison’s Phonograph

A special explanatory talk about the invention of the Edison Phonograph, with demonstrations was presented on Nov. 23 and Nov. 25 at 10.30 am 

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Part of the exhibition

Visitor with Fireside Phonograph
A visitor to the exhibition brought in their Edison Fireside Phonograph (Model A 1909). The machine has been in the family since the 1940s and had been obtained from the original purchaser. It had original paint on the horn; a translucent maroon finish.  The rest of the machine was quite original.
Columbia serviced and to be restored
This visitor to the exhibition has an American Columbia Graphonola portable. The inside is in very good condition. The outside had a lot of wear, but it was thought that the outside could be repaired, keeping all the original covering material in place.

Edison Black Gem
This Edison Black Gem (c1905 - 1908) was brought into the exhibition. It is quite complete and in original condition. It only needed cleaning and a little polishing to make it a good working machine. The lid, however, had been attacked by a rat.

Open Day      Open Day
Some of the visitors who brought in gramophones or phonographs on our information day (December 8, 2007). Shown is an HMV Model 104,  a motor from a cabinet gramophone, and a Model B Edison Standard, as well as
the gramophone experts.

Peter Pan gramophone
Another visitor with a Peter Pan miniature gramophone in excellent condition.
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Pathé phonographs
Some Pathé phonographs on display. Pathé phonographs were made in France.
Pathé also produced a range of cylinder records.