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History of Pop Music
45 - 60 minutes presentation
$4.00 per student

Suitable for S & E classes and Music students.

Year 6 to Year 10

Pop Music

This presentation traces the history of popular music through the early 20th century. It covers
  • Sheet music of the 1890s
  • Ragtime on sheet music and on early records
  • Ragtime dances
  • Development of jazz
  • Foxtrot music of the 1920s
  • Swing and big band music of the 30s and 40s
  • Post war tin pan alley songs
  • Impact of Rock n Roll and other dances (e.g. twist)
  • Legitimizing of Rock n Roll by the British Groups of the 60s
  • Heavy metal rock
  • Disco music and the 70s glamour
  • Impact of video clips.
In each case classic examples of each style and craze are played using ORIGINAL records.
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