Fremantle Light and Sound Discovery Centre
Program details

Light Fantastic
Total time up to one hour.

30 minutes presentation
followed by hands-on activities.

Program is best set up in a room with the classes rotating through.

Suitable for Science classes.

$4.00 per student
Year 1 to Year 9

This program will be presented at different levels for different classes.

Sight is introduced through a range of illusions.

The program covers
Binocular vision
Dominent eye
Colour vision
Colour blindness
Colour after-images
Colour with Benham's Discs
What is light?

Hands-on activities include
Finding your blind spot
Periscopes and Kaleidoscopes
Mirror writing
3D pictures with mirrors
Playing Laser Tennis
An infinity mirror
A revolving speculum
Moving pictures - Phenakistoscope, Zootrope, Praxinoscope
A virtual light globe
The Star Challenge
The Famous Invisible Box
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