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The Evolution of the Light Globe Exhibition
in association with
The First Real International Exhibition of Darksuckers (F.R.I.E.D.)

Light globe
Now in the

Fremantle Light and Sound Discovery Centre
at the
Western Australian Museum - Fremantle History Museum

Growing light globes   Globes in garden
Above:  Light globes
being grown
from bulbs in preparation for the exhibition.
(Due to the cold weather some globes have become frosted.)

Bulb Garden installation by d&k at the Fremantle Art Centre.

BUBBLES OF LIGHT - The Evolution of the Light Globe
is a unique exhibition of rare and historic light globes and associates material.

It begins with a small display of pre-electric lamps, including some beautiful kerosene lamps and some gas lamp accessories.

It traces the invention of the carbon filament lamp and the work of inventors, including Swann and Edison.

The tungsten filament lamp is represented by dozens of shapes, including the straight filament and the coiled coil filament.

The exhibition also includes accessories such as early light switches and rare documents, etc. Novelty lamps on display include several convention lamps from the 1960s and 'ship-in-a-light-globe' ornaments.

Numerous hands-on activities are included in the exhibition, which is suitable for people of all ages.

With the proposed change to compact fluorescent lamps, this exhibition takes on extra significance.

Carbon filament lamp      Drawn wire filament lamp
Kerosene lamps

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