Fremantle Light and Sound Discovery Centre
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Amazing Musical Instruments
40 minutes presentation
$5.00 per student.

Suitable for Science classes and Music students

Pre-primary to Year 7

Musical instrument
Presentation and musical demonstration of some amazing, rare and historic musical instruments. These include:
  • the singing metal rods
  • the scary Theremin
  • the unique Strohviol
  • the amazing Musical Saw
  • the giant Jews Harp
  • the sweet Swanee Whistle
  • the incredible Nose Flute
  • a mouth organ play by itself and more
The stories of their invention and how they work are explained to the students. Each musical instrument is demonstrated.

  • includes testing hearing for range of frequencies
  • measuring loudness of a fog horn
  • care of ears,
  • wave patterns of the human voices, and
  • demonstrations of antique hearing aids.

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