Edwin Rennie was the second child of Richard Hutchinson Rennie and Jane Stanbury.  He was born in Buninyong on November 30 1861.

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Edwin's birth details (Buninyong Birth registration 20399/1861) indicate that he was originally registered on December 14 1861 as Edwin Rennie.  However on January 9 1862 the registration was corrected.  His name was altered to Edwin Stanbury, and the name and other details of his father Richard Rennie were crossed out.  The word 'illegitimate' was also added.

Information on his death registration (East Melbourne Death Registration 14691/1899) indicates that he resided in Victoria for 33 years suggesting that he may have left that state around 1894/5.

It is known from the Marriage Register of the Wagga Wagga Wesleyan Church (now in the N.S.W. State Archives) that by about 1897 Edwin was residing in Perth, Western Australia.  He probably moved to Perth at about the same time his younger brother Richard went to W.A.; about 1896.  He is known to have lived near to central Perth, and worked there in a boot shop as a salesman. 

Edwin returned to the Eastern States, and on March 14 1898 he married Annie Maud Riley in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Wagga Wagga.  Edwin was then aged 36 and was described as 

'a bachelor, born in Buninyong Victoria, a salesman residing in Perth W.A.' 
Annie Maud Riley (known as Maud) was the daughter of William Riley, a merchant, and Maria Roberts.  William was deceased before the date of his daughter's marriage.

Maud was described as a

'spinster, born at Wagga, Private Life, aged 22 years and residing at Wagga'.
Witnesses to the wedding were Albert B. Riley (best man) and Ernest A Riley (who gave the bride away), presumably brothers of Maud.  A news clipping describing the wedding indicated that the bridesmaids were Misses E. and M. Riley (sisters).

The same news clipping stated that the couple were

'to honeymoon in Buninyong prior to their departure to their new home in W.A.'
It appears that, due to Edwin's ill health, they never made it back to Perth.  Edwin died in 1899, nineteen months after he was married.
Edwin Rennie
Above: Believed to be Edwin Rennie

Above: Source unknown

Edwin and Maud had only one child, Edwin Arthur Rennie.  He was born in Learmonth Street, Buninyong (the home of Edwin's parents) on March 12, 1899.

Edwin was to die soon after the birth of his son. His wife Maud was later re-married to Frank Parkes of Colac Victoria. Frank Parkes and his brother owned a furniture shop in Colac. Upon the marriage of his mother, Edwin Arthur Rennie's name became Edwin Arthur Parkes. He became a motor mechanic.

Edwin Arthur Parkes (known as Artie Parkes) enlisted on July 15 1915 to fight in World War I.  He gave his age as 18, although he was only 16 years old. Doris Mansell (his niece) recalled a photograph of Arthur in uniform - with a peak cap and a long great coat. His war record can be found at http://www.aif.adfa.edu.au:8080/showPerson?pid=233294

Edwin Arthur Parkes was killed in action on August 9 1918, and is buried in Heath Cemetery, Harbonnieres, France. His death was reported in the Colac Reformer and the Colac Herald newspapers

The only child of Edwin and Maud was:

  • Edwin Arthur Rennie
        Edwin Arthur Rennie

Although Edwin died quite early in life, he was still remembered in the 1970's by a number of relatives.

He was known as Ted and was described as a "reserved" person.  In his later years he was said to be "a delicate man and very sick".


It appears that after his marriage Edwin went as far as Buninyong for his honeymoon, but never made the journey back to W.A.

When he became very ill he was taken down to Melbourne by train, travelling in the guard's van.  He was taken to the Melbourne Hospital, but it was too late - they could not save him.  He died of sarcoma of the sacrum on October 2, 1899.

Edwin was taken back to Buninyong and buried in the Rennie family grave in the Buninyong Cemetery. 

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