Albert Rennie, son of Richard Hutchinson Rennie and Jane Stanbury was  born in his parents' house in Learmonth Street Buninyong. 

His birth was not registered, but September 2 1867 was recorded as his date of birth on a hand-written list of birthdays handed down through Alfred Rennie's family. This list appears to be in Albert Rennie's handwriting. (The list possibly appeared in Alfred's family since Alfred cared for Albert's daughter topsy when Albert died.)

However, in Albert's sister Jane Alexander Rennie's birthday book his date of birth is recorded as 3 September 1867.

On his marriage registration Albert's full name was given as Albert Henry Rennie and he signed the certificate the same way.  These however are the only references to a middle name.

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Albert Rennie c1905


Albert became a bricklayer and initially lived in Buninyong.  After his marriage in 1905 he moved to Western Australia where he worked for some time.  He was still bricklaying after his return to Victoria a couple of years later.

Believed to be a younger Albert Rennie

Albert married Jessie Florance Spicer on September 19 1905 in the Baptist Church, Williamstown Victoria.  His wife was known as Nellie Spicer and was resident in Williamstown at this time.  He was aged 38 years (although it was stated as 34 on his marriage registration).  At this time he was still resident in Learmonth Street Buninyong with his parents.

Nellie Spicer's age was stated as 22 years on her marriage registration.  She was born in Brompton Park Adelaide, the daughter of Thomas Edward Spicer and Rachel Ann Newing.

Shortly after their marriage Albert and Nellie moved to Western Australia where they had two children.

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Edward John Rennie was born on December 14 1906 in his parents home in North Fremantle, Western Australia 2.  He was known in the family as 'Teddy'.  When his parents Albert and Nellie died at an early age he was cared for by his Uncle John Rennie for whom he did some baking. Later he went up Gippsland doing farm labouring.  He was a flower grower for a few years.  He never married and died on December 25, 1968.

Alice Lily Rennie was born on June 27, 1908 in her parents home in North Fremantle, Western Australia 3 .  She was known as 'Topsy'.  When both her parents died while she was quite young, she was cared for by her Uncle Alfred Rennie and Aunt Emma who are said to have adored her.  She married and had a daughter Betty Porter.  Topsy died on July 6, 1975.

'Nellie' and Albert Rennie and Parents c1905, probably on Albert's wedding day.

Where is reg. certificate???


Albert has been described by his niece Doris Mansell as "a very nice man; but he was not a robust man".  According to a newspaper article published when he died, he had occasionally suffered the symptoms of heart failure.


By about 1908 Albert's wife Nellie was suffering from ill health.  She died soon after the birth of her second child.

Albert and his two children then moved to Mentone in Victoria where they were looked after by Albert's widowed mother Jane Rennie in a cottage near John Rennie's bakery.  Albert continued his work as a bricklayer.

The death of Albert was still remembered in the 1970's by many members of the family, and it was reported in the newspaper at the time it occurred. He died on December 29 1913.  It appears to have happened at the end of a hot day as he was returning home from work in a horse and cart.  He died of a heart disease accelerated by the heat, and was buried in the Williamstown Cemetery .

After Albert's death his son Edward John Rennie was cared for by his uncle John Rennie, and his daughter Alice Lily Rennie was raised by her uncle Alfred Rennie.

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