Ann Adelaide Rennie was the last child born to Richard Hutchinson and Jane Stanbury.

According to the hand-written list of birth dates thought to have been prepared by Albert Rennie, Ann Adelaide Rennie was born on November 28 1872.  However, a birthday book owned by her sister Jane Alexander Rennie records ber birhday as November 29 1871.

Information on her death registration signed by her father indicates that 1871 is probably the correct year of birth.  The error in the year on Albert's list is understandable as the list of birth dates was probably written out by Albert many years after her death.

Her birth was not registered. 

Several other documents, such as the death registration of her mother and her father, refer to her as Annie Rennie

Ann died in Buninyong on April 19 1873 at the age of 16 months (Buninyong Death Registration 3422/1873).  She died of croup and was buried in the Rennie family grave in the Buninyong Cemetery.  The only other occupant of the grave at this time was her half brother John Riches.

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Rennie grave Buninyong where Ann Adelaide Rennie was buried.