Richard Hutchinson Rennie,
  • his ancestors in England, and
  • his descendants in England and Australia.
Richard H Rennie

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Chapter 01 Introduction to Richard Hutchinson Rennie

Richard Rennie's first family in England
Ancestors of Richard Hutchinson Rennie
Coming to Australia
Chapter 02 Richard H Rennie and Jane Stanbury
Dates of Birth of children of Richard and Jane
Marriage of Richard and Jane
Occupations of Richard and Jane
Personal details of Richard H Rennie
Death of Richard H Rennie
Chapter 03 Jane Stanbury
Brothers and Sisters of Jane Stanbury
Ancestors of Jane Stanbury
Arrival in Australia
Jane Stanbury's first family
Jane's first husband Robert Riches
Chapter 04 Fanny O'Regan (nee Riches)
Robert Emmet O'Regan
Children of Fanny and Robert O'Regan
Personal details of Fanny and Robert O'Regan
Death of Fanny and Robert O'Regan
Chapter 05 Alfred Rennie
Children of Alfred and Emma Rennie
Personal details of Alfred Rennie
Death of Alfred and Emma Rennie
Chapter 06 Edwin Rennie
Children of Edwin and Maud Rennie
Personal details of Edwin Rennie
Death of Edwin Rennie
Chapter 07 Jane Alexander (Lillie) Mansell (nee Rennie)
Marriage to Walter Mansell
Children of 'Lillie' and Walter Mansell
Personal details of 'Lillie' Mansell
Death of Jane Alexander (Lillie) Mansell
Chapter 08 Frank Rennie
Bohr War Service
Personal details of Frank Rennie
Frank's return to South Australia
Death of Frank Rennie
Chapter 09 John Rennie
Marriage of John Rennie
Children of John and Alice Rennie
Personal details of John Rennie
Death of John Rennie
Chapter 10 Albert Rennie
Marriage and children of Albert Rennie
Personal details of Albert Rennie
Death of Albert Rennie
Chapter 11 Richard Rennie
Date of birth
Marriage to Sarah Frances Helen Brown
Coming to Western Australia
Personal details of Richard Rennie
Constructions of Richard Rennie
Civic role of Richard Rennie
The latter years

Chapter 11.x  Richard and Sarah Rennie and their family

Chapter 12 Ann Adelaide Rennie