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Science of Musical Instruments
40 minutes presentation
per student

Suitable for Science classes and Music classes.

Year 7 to Year 12

Musical Instruments
Presentation, using unusual and historic musical instruments, to illustrate various aspect of Science.

For example:
  • Various instruments are used to demonstrate the three things that all musical instruments must have:
    • something that vibrates,
    • some way of controlling those vibrations,
    • some way of making the sound produced louder.
  • Early gramophone records are used to demonstrate the relationship between vibrations and sound.
  • The Stroh Viol is used to illustrate how horns make sounds louder.
  • Various rare musical instruments (Nose Flute, Jews Harp, Musical Saw) are used to illustrate how larger things vibrate with lower frequencies than smaller things.
  • Chladni Plates are used to demonstrate some spectacular standing waves.
And includes
  • testing hearing for range of frequencies
  • wave pattern of various instruments
  • measuring loudness of a fog horn
  • care of ears, and
  • demonstrations of historical hearing aids.

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