Light and Sound Discovery Centre
Program details

Sounds Amazing
Total time up to one hour.

30 minutes presentation
followed by hands-on activities.

Program is best set up in a room with the classes rotating through.

$4.00 per student
$8.00 if they also make a Zip-o-Phone
Year 1 to Year 9

CRO wave image       Listening
Demonstrations include:
Singing metal rods.
Frequencies we can hear.
Decibel meter to measure loudness (and care of ears).
Antique hearing aids.
A Musical saw.
Antique Stroh Viol (Viol with a horn).
The Theremin (play without touching).
Amazing Jews Harps.
Rare Nose flute (play by blowing through the nose).
Antique Edison Phonograph.

Hands-on activities include:
Dial telephones to use.
Tuning forks, and ‘Blowfly Paper’.
Antique toy music boxes and other music toys.
Playing the Theremin.
Seeing that wave pattern of your voice.
The famous Invisible Box.
Rain Stick.
Thumb Piano (Mbira).

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